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Our guarantees

The more modern clinic the more exacting patients. And we must understand and carry out all the patients’ requirements and maintain guarantee obligations. We assure all our patients the following:


1. Complete medical survey and treatment in accordance with medical conditions at a high level of service.

We promise to provide the service in accordance with requirements given to diagnostic, prevention, treatment techniques, which are permitted in Russia under coordinated treatment plan and medical conditions.

Integrated medical survey and advice of different specialists is a guarantee of the right choice of treatment.

Light-curing composite filling warranty is 12 months; prosthetic construction warranty is 12 months.

2. Accompaniment through the Center.

The receptionists will help you to orient in the clinic, they will coordinate the treatment and offer the most convenient time for you. The receptionist will familiarize you with the cost of services and terms of payment.

1. Providing with all the results of treatment and examination.

On your demand we will provide you with copies of your case record.

After examining you we will provide you with total and reliable information concerning oral health status, essence of treatment and obtain your approval of recommended treatment plan, decide the order and the day of the treatment.

We will provide you with intelligible information about medical services, contraindications, possible complications and discomfort during and after the treatment (therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, orthodontic treatment).

4. Medical confidentiality.

5. Considering and responding to all your messages.

We would be grateful if you could let us know your requests and suggestions.

We need to know your opinion about received treatment. It would help us to treat you in accordance with your requirements.

All claims for quality of rendered services will be considered within the warranty period.

6. Your safety.

Thanks to centralized sterilization and infection control system all the patients are maximum protected against infection.

Safe sterilization system helps to avoid transmission of infection and guarantees infectious safety to our patients.

7. Invitation at the prophylactic medical examination.

We control the efficiency of the treatment with the help of the prophylactic medical examination. In a definite time we will invite you at the prophylactic medical examination for the purpose of prophylaxis.




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You should consult a specialist. Contraindications may appear.